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by Aino Tuovinen | ainotuovinen.com
HYPHEN SHOW - 150617 - 190617 | hyphenshow.com
The Old Truman Brewery
London, 2017

Investigating storytelling and desire: the territory where hedonism, ethics, and the future of what we eat collide.

We have come to understand food, outside of the context of ecology, as products and ‘simulations’ of human control: component parts of complexity alienated from their interdependent relationships. Although we know that our troubled desires are unsustainable, and thus self-destructive, we fail to confront them; we continue to retreat. The oppressive socio-economic and socio-political structures and the culturally ‘fixed’ meaning of food increasingly popularise our desires for ‘control’, ‘consistency’, and ‘convenience’, through the infrastructure of storytelling, including advertising and cinema.
This generates apathy and passivity towards the problem of capitalist hedonism. Fermentation as a metaphor and as a design process, intervenes in the unsustainable ratio of hedonism and responsibility through the act of complicating and destabilising. Colliding strains of ‘bacteria’ from different contexts, ‘cultivating foreign bodies’, transforms narratives from objects to systems: resilient vehicles for designing for the non-human through the human. Decentralising the role of the designer, the fictional ferments catalyse the formation of a collective authorship.

Producing “intercontextuality” through material orientations, the fermented narratives attempt to transform how we think about food: to redesign desire by intervening in the anthropocentric systems that outsource responsibility and resist critical consciousness.