A Esther Moya le Robaron una Medalla

Direction + Performance Luis Amália
Written by Adam Zmith y Luis Amália
With texts by Xavier Bas
Assistants on 'mise èn scene' + performance: Alice Esmé, Marta de las Heras, Óscar Hernández Tristancho, Lux Nieve, María Núñez & the collaboration of Sophie Tergeist
Objects designed & produced by Saro Mixcoatl
Table designed by Marta Jarabo y Ana López Sánchez-Vegazo
& produced with Guillermo Diego
Stools by Mecedorama
Photography by Luis Kevin Paraíso
Animations by Mathieu Cadelo
Assistant in gymnastics concepts Miriam Peña Riquelme
Poster image by Oscar Nao


Luis is sick of living in a world that tells him he’s a loser. Tonight, he’s going to smash it.

When Luis was 10, he wanted to be a female gymnast, but he was a boy. At 15, he wanted to be desired, but he was too hairy. Tonight, as a performer, he wants to be Ingrid Bergman. But he is a loser.
Stigma is the story of how Luis can become who he has always wanted to be.

Luis will tell the story of Esther Moya, a powerful gymnast who failed to win a medal. He will re-enact one of Ingrid Bergman’s most moving scenes. And he will share his visit to a sweaty gay sauna. Stigma is a show about being yourself, even if you are a freak. This time, history will be written by losers, not winners.

based in London but available for work in Madrid too.
UK (+44) 7523 296575
ES (+34) 680 22 95 45